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With great advice, knowledge and support you can turn you shop, cafe or online store into a business that works for you, rather that you for it.


The UK Retail Industry is worth over £300 billion

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a larger slice of the pie?

free-advice-imgThe UK retail industry is growing and even with the ever-expanding surge of ecommerce over 87% of purchases in the UK are made through brick and mortar stores.

Our goal is to revitalise your company and increase sales whilst providing you with more time to focus on the important things, like running your business.

We give you access to a wealth of knowledge and look at the techniques employed by the big hitters and show you how to apply them to your business model, increasing footfall and creating sustained profitability.

dave-sticklandMeet Dave Stickland

Hi, I’m Dave the Retail Club industry guru, with over 30 years in retail. I’ve worked my way up every single rung of the ladder from working behind a till in a supermarket to building a highly successful chain of stores with an eight figure annual turnover.

I focus on teaching all the tricks of the trade to aspiring retailers just like you, so that you can finally get an edge on the rest of the market and rise to the top of the income ladder.

From video seminars to 1:1 meetings I can give you the essential information you need to increase your sales and truly make the most of your business.


Retail runs in my veins

I’m a regular guy (as the Americans like to say) but what sets me apart is that I am passionate about retailing, it’s in my blood.

Our family has run all types of businesses for the last 150 years or so with knowledge passed down over the generations. This is one of our stores from circa 1945.

I have decades of business knowledge to share with you both in the general day to day running of your business and sector specific advice. My recommendations are always tailored to your needs and what will serve your situation best.

Who doesn’t like FREE advice?


To get you started we’re happy to give you our “7 Crucial Things Retailers MUST be great at to Succeed” guide. There’s a lot of information in there, over 8000 words of valuable advice.
We’re so confident that you’ll get real benefit from this resource that you’ll come back to find out more and in the meantime we’ll keep you posted on upcoming events, webinars and free monthly tips direct to your inbox!

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So what’s next?

The Retail Club is surprisingly affordable given the extensive information and support available that will make a genuine difference to your business, we offer a tiered membership service with varying levels of access and even one to one mentoring. There’s also a lot more information on the site, you can…


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Think differently

“I found yesterday, utterly brilliant and so exciting and to actually be doing something ‘positive’ with my businesses given the current circumstances.

I very much appreciate your energy and the way you make me ‘think’ differently.

love the way that it’s giving me bite size chunks of tangible work to get on with and things moving.”

Elaine Sullman – Proprietor of two shops