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We believe that retail business owners and managers whether shop, cafe, food outlet or trade counter (and those entering the world of retail) have the ability to learn from the already successful businesses in what is a very transparent industry. With $300bn spent in the UK retail sector every year there is enough money for the 250,000 retail business owners to thrive on. We are moving into a new business cycle where Ecommerce will continue to grow but this will primarily impact the large, undifferentiated multiples. Despite the growth of Ecommerce over 87% of purchases are made face to face. This will still allow the High St to thrive with less bland and formulaic offerings. Retailers will continue to become wholesome, interesting, convenient, inspired, reputable and efficient. Yes, it’s true that 11000 retailers close their doors each year… But 14000 are opening! This net increase of 3000 demonstrates a healthy dynamic market.

Our mission is to help you, the independent or family owned retailer thrive in the huge £300bn UK consumer market. In the long term this will help to spread the consumer spend through many more business owners rather than the current dominant few, leading to a healthier economy.

“We at Retail Club UK aim to help you attract many more customers and ultimately turn them into buyers”

Retail Club UK


Through Retail Club UK, my team & I do our utmost to…


rcuk logo Black Inspire business owners to develop themselves and their skills

rcuk logo Black Share as much knowledge as possible from all of our learning and experience.

rcuk logo Black Provide access to affordable skills, teachings and expertise.

rcuk logo Black Learn from the successful retailers of the past and present.

rcuk logo Black Bring together like minded business owners, managers and prospective retailers so they can share and learn                  from each other


Retail Club UK aims to maximize your ability to…


rcuk logo Black Attract many more customers and turn them into buyers

rcuk logo Black Create much more time for yourself to drive your business (bricks or clicks) forward.

rcuk logo Black Spend more time doing what you choose to do rather than what your business demands you do.

rcuk logo Black Improve your cash flow and profit so that you can accrue wealth more rapidly and make choices about how to               spend your time and money rather than trading your time for money.

In short if you’re fed up of feeling like you’re too busy working for your business, rather than it working for you, the Retail Club UK is highly likely to be able to help you push your dreams forward.

Retail Club UK draws together a “brains trust” of expert knowledge, advice, help and support for you to draw on. It was the brainchild of Dave Stickland

After spending over 15 years as a retailer, from the checkouts at Sainsburys to the Boardroom of an 8 figure turnover retail chain, Dave crossed to the ‘other side’ branding, designing and fitting shops and cafes. More often than not this intimate involvement with retail businesses meant being drawn into company strategy. An MBA and the qualification as a Growth Accelerator coach was a great help but it very often became apparent to Dave that large amounts of money were being invested in shop and brand upgrades but that the essential skills of retailing were pushed down the list of priorities.

Retali Club UK was born out of the realisation that helping shops and food businesses learn their retail art form well could return great financial rewards at a fraction of the cost of a capital upgrade. This had the double effect of improving cash flow, and thus business health, whilst generating money to afford the much needed capital investment so often needed but rarely able to be funded.

(Find out more about Dave at www.davestickland.com)