Do you own, run or manage a shop, a cafe perhaps even a chain of shops maybe you are online only?

Do you feel frustrated you are not getting your business to where it needs to be?

Are you trading money for your time or rather the lack of it?

Do you want to be successful beyond exchanging all your time for what amounts to a living wage so you can build and accumulate wealth?

Do you want to get on with improving your lot in life now rather that carry on wondering what is around the corner or worse still waiting to win the lottery?

Well, with over 30 years’ experience in the UK independent retail sector, I know what really separates those that just get by from those that really succeed in making great lives for themselves.

It’s not

rcuk logo Black How great their shop interior is.

rcuk logo Black What a great EPOS system they have.

rcuk logo Black Or how comprehensive their range is (although these all                 help!)

But the key difference is

rcuk logo Black How they think.

rcuk logo Black It’s what they do with their limited time and money.

rcuk logo Black And how they do things that really makes the difference.

“As an ex-retailer, a shop designer, and coach I have worked with many business owners from a £200,000 p.a. turnover golf shop to an eight-figure annual turnover chain. Working as both poacher and gamekeeper I have a very privileged perspective on the challenges us retailers face on a regular basis.

I want to help you to overcome any frustrations and barriers you might have on your way to success.”

Dave Stickland

Director / CEO, Retail Club UK

Yes it’s true, you could keep on trading away as you are, join a group, subscribe to a club or even read a self-help book but sometimes there is no substitute for a mentor……a big voice over your shoulder to give you the kick-ass momentum you need to change your future and ultimately to success.

You might have read in some of the my Retail Club content that no retailer has ever got rich from retailing, well that is so true because the only way to become really successful is by marketing your retail business to people. Only then will you drive the volume of traffic to your shop or website that can really deliver the custom you need.

By helping you start to get your business working for you rather than you for it, I guarantee I will change your perspective on not only your business but the way you handle your two most precious commodities: your time and your money.

As your VIP mentor, I will come to you and spend the whole day one-to-one totally focused on you and your business, coaching you through how you can change things from now on. There will be no skirting around the edges or discussion about what could, would, or should have happened in the past. This is a get-focused, get-working-on-your-business day which I guarantee (if you follow my recommendations of course) result in immediate change for the better. I promise there will be no management speak, no psychobabble, no gimmicks.

“I found yesterday, utterly brilliant and so exciting and to actually be doing something ‘positive’ with my businesses given the current circumstances.

I very much appreciate your energy and the way you make me ‘think’ differently.

Love the way that it’s giving me bite size chunks of tangible work to get on with and get things moving.”

Elaine Sullman

Proprietor of two shops


We will work together to..


rcuk logo Black Find a way you should start from now.

rcuk logo Black What is the most important thing you can do in your business right now to generate more sales.

rcuk logo Black Overcome the overwhelm of not having enough time and too little funds to do what you really want to do.

rcuk logo Black Generate a consistent stream of customers that you want and that in turn tell others how great you are.

“Imagine you had my full input, support, and accountability of working with me not just for the full-on day but for the following six months so we can follow-up one-to-one on the phone, Facetime or Skype. Well you can now for an investment of £1,597 plus VAT.”

Dave Stickland

Director / CEO, Retail Club UK


Your investment in yourself will include..


rcuk logo Black A full day with me working one-to-one with you on your business at a location of your choice.

rcuk logo Black You’ll get me totally focused on your success and I will bring with me not only 30 years’ experience to the party           but loads of other experiences of people in a similar position to you. Plus of course my knowledge and                             pragmatism.

rcuk logo Black I’ll take you out to lunch at a venue of your choice or even bring a picnic if you prefer to work on throughout                 the day.

rcuk logo Black Free membership for one full year of the Retail UK at Pro level worth £960 plus VAT

rcuk logo Black Three times one-hour long mentoring calls arranged over the six-month following your VIP Day.

rcuk logo Black My ironclad guarantee that if you are not totally happy with our time together after your first scheduled                          follow-up call I’ll write you out a cheque for £800.


We’ll work together to not only maximize your business potential but really get your mojo into great shape because your business chances of success are inextricably linked to your own personal performance.


If you’d like to grab this ‘let’s just get life sorted out now’ opportunity, drop me a line to my own personal email with your prefferred contact number and we can arrange for a chat that will enable you to ask any questions or queries you may have so we can get started on your path to mega-success.

Remember my Iron Clad guarantee?

If you are not totally happy with our time together after your first scheduled follow-up call I’ll write you out a cheque for £800.

I completely understand and respect your worries and concerns about money and value money, especially when it can be so hard-earned. The last thing I want is for you and your investment not to be returned in spades to you. That’s why if you’re not completely happy that we have made a dramatic impact on your chances of success after our VIP day and first catch-up call together, I will personally write you out a cheque for £800. But that together with your free one year membership to Retail Club UK at Pro level that’s worth £980 then I make you quid’s in. Can I say fairer than that?
I really look forward to hearing you from and in the hope we can make a massive difference together.